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    Hey Everyone!
    My family and I are in the process of relocating to Texas for my husband job. We currently live in NC and my two boys ages 11 & 8 are currently in public school here. I'm considering homeschooling for the remainder of the school year honestly to allow us all to move at one time since the move is a great distance. Any advice or ideas on starting so close to the end of the school year would be appreciated. I know it sounds maybe a little crazy but I figured that I could do this myself and from what I can tell it looks like there are a lot of support groups out there to help you succeed.

    My other concern is that my oldest child has also been diagnosed autistic or PDD. He has an IEP and I'm not sure how that would be handled there.

    Any input? Thanks a lot!
    Anita A

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    We relocated to Texas a few years ago. Texas is one of the easier states to home-school in. There are certain subjects you are required to teach, which you can find on various websites. These sites will also tell you how to write up a letter of intent to home-school, which you're not even required to share with the school district, unless they ask for it. If you are homeschooling for the rest of this school year, you would just want to keep track of the curriculum you use and progress reports on how your students do. When you're ready to enroll them in public school, if that's what you decide to do, you would just need the transcripts from their school in NC, and "progress report" for what they did the rest of the year, and a letter stating that you were homeschooling with the dates that apply. This should be everything you need. As far as the IEP for your son, you'll set up an ARD meeting with the district when you enroll, and at that time you'll do a new IEP. You may want to bring the one from the other district for reference.

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