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    Does anyone know if we (TEXAS) need to make sure these tests are taken? I know TAKS tests are state mandates, they monitor how the schools are doing, but do they need to be done when we home school? Are they a requirement for a high school diploma? There is a new STAR test for those in elementary and middle school, do we need to do these? And how do we if we do?

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    It looks like you have a wonderful support group and a well organized home school organization in El Paso. I found the following link: shn home I think you will find it helpful. When I frist started home schooling it helped me to connect with someone in my area. As far as, you do not have to administer them. If you have a high schooler going to college, he.she will need to take the SAT or ACT and in some cases a GED is required. You just have to do a lot of asking for the specific colleges you are interested in. Hope this helps.

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