We withdrew from 8th grade about a month and a half early - have questions
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    Default We withdrew from 8th grade about a month and a half early - have questions

    We need to finish her 8th graded year and I have no idea how to go about doing so. We were in K12 but went back to regular school. She was having major anxiety every single day and I felt her mental health was being put in danger by continuing to attend. So I withdrew her. We signed up for a Pearson math course but then found out we were in wrong one. been trying to get refund in order to buy new course but its been two months and still no refund. She also is planning to home school for 9th grade because she has signed with a modeling agency.

    What do I do to make sure she passes 8th grade? I sent a formally written letter to principal requesting withdraw but never even an email back from them or a call. I cannot afford 1200 dollars for a summer school program.

    Please help!!!! Thank you!!!

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    If your daughter will be homeschooling in high school, you do not need to be concerned about whether she "passes" eighth grade (according to anyone else's standards). In homeschooling, the parent is the teacher of record and makes all decisions regarding their student's education. You do need to follow your own state's laws, but Texas just requires you to actually educate your child and has no other requirements.

    To learn more about homeschooling high school, I recommend a site called Let's Homeschool High School.com.

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