on 14 day trial - questions about Gifted program
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    Default on 14 day trial - questions about Gifted program

    My son is finishing the 1st grade and is part of his school's Gifted and Talented Program. I reviewed the Gifted Program on here and it seems related to Math.

    Is there anything that focuses on Logic, Critical Thinking, and creativity? This is what his program focuses on. He is good at math and picks it up rather quickly. He has been in computer classes since he was 2 but I wouldn't say he is a math whiz. He picks it up quick but he also is frustrated quickly too when looking at the problems.

    We walked through the all of the demos tonight for 2-3rd grade and he felt it was too easy. Will the 2nd grade curriculum be tougher or more challenging?

    We are waiting to get his access information but I have reviewed the site and just not sure if I should change his grade level to make things more challening for him or if I should look at the Time4Learning gifted information even though I wouldn't classify him as a mat whiz.

    Is anyone using it or have more information on how the courses are delivered?

    Thanks -

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    You can use the Activity Finder to preview lessons at any level. That might help you decide which level is most appropriate for him.

    Here is some information about teaching gifted children.

    The IMACS program is intended for children from 11-17.

    Mom of six . . . current students and homeschool graduates. Enjoying using Time4Learning since 2006!

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