7th Grade spelling curriculum?
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    Default 7th Grade spelling curriculum?

    I have a 5th grader and a 7th grader next fall who will be using this curriculum. I easily find the 5th grader spelling units, but I am having trouble finding the 7th grade. I can find the list under the spelling skills section for 7th grade, but I don't find the units. Are the spelling words for 7th grade just incorporated into the Language Arts curriculum? How does that work?



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    Spelling concepts are under "Parts of Speech". These aren't separate units like in fifth grade. Spelling is not commonly a separate subject for students after sixth grade, but becomes more incorporated into their general language arts studies.

    Older students who still find spelling challenging may want to consider a separate spelling curriculum.

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    edhelper.com has great lists you can use as an additional source; we have a daughter who is in 8th grade (hoping they will get HS soon) but still has dificulty with spelling. WE use T4L as our main core, and then supplement in any of the areas she is lacking with what we find on edhelper.com; hope this benefits you in some way.

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    Default Spelling help

    Spellingtime.com is another good program fo rchildren that have difficulties in that area. The program is only designed to go through 5th grade but it has an area where you can add your own words, so you can build a list if you need to.
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