7th Grader - Auditory Processing
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    Default 7th Grader - Auditory Processing

    Hello, I am not new to homeschooling, so I am good with the laws of my state knowing exactly what I need to do.

    When my children were younger, I used T4L as a supplemental program. This was before I knew my daughter had an auditory processing disorder.

    We don't mesh well when it comes to the teacher/student relationship, but I have been able to utilize tutors and she has a great SLP.

    Last year, I had enough, and with her not getting what she needed academically, I enrolled her in a local charter school. There were some great things about it for her and some not so great.

    What I hate mostly is the wasted time. She had (and will still have) a 504 Plan, but it wasn't always followed. And why is it just because they are supposed to be in school x amount of hours, does it not matter if they are actually doing school work? To me it's just crazy.

    Anyway, she is due to start school next Monday and I am going to send her, but I am still looking for that magic homeschool program that might work for her. She does a lot of activities outside of school and she NEEDS to continue both for her self esteem and because she needs physical activity. With regular school, this is a struggle.

    So I am wondering if T4L might be a good fit. I looked at the demo lessons, but they seem a little boring. One didn't have sound (math), and I am wonder if it's always that way, or maybe it was just an issue with my computer. Are there options to always have the material read to the student, or would she need to read what's on the screen on her own?

    In 7th grade, can she really get everything she needs from T4L and will it be easy for me to know where she is at and when she has tests, etc.? I want to be both hands off (so she can be a little independent and we don't butt heads) and hands on (so I know what's going on and to make sure she is understanding the work.

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    Hi, treesh. Here is some information about using Time4Learning with a student who has auditory processing disorder.

    My own kids have used Time4Learning for almost ten years now. Four of them have gone on to college. Two are still using it. We've used it as our main curriculum for the core subjects: math, language, science and social studies. I definitely believe a student can usually get what they need from Time4Learning, but a student using any curriculum will benefit from whatever you add. Over the years, we've added penmanship, arts and crafts, foreign language courses (Time4Learning will soon have its own as an optional paid add-on), and other things that my kids have been particularly interested in.

    The combination of hands on/hands off is what I have enjoyed about the program. I don't have to teach everything from scratch, and the program grades all of the online work for me . . . but I set up and choose lessons, grade worksheets and writing assignments, and make decisions like what grade level my kids work at for each subject.

    Lessons are provided in a variety of formats. Some are videos, some are read aloud to your child, some are read only when your student clicks a speaker icon, and the student needs to read others themselves. There is a free program called Natural Reader that many families have reported success with. It reads any highlightable text to your child. Time4Learning isn't affiliated with Natural Reader, but they often recommend it, since families have reported success.

    You might also be interested in the Special Needs section of this forum.

    I wish you well with making your decision! Hopefully others will chime in with their input, and we hope to see more of you around the forum.

    Mom of six . . . current students and homeschool graduates. Enjoying using Time4Learning since 2006!

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