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    I am new to time4learning, I have a high school student actually her sophomore year. Anyway I did her schedule in her subjects and want her to view her weekly plan. When I log onto hers and click on the activity planner for the week it says that the week is not there to view and to do another week so when i do the other week shows, awesome! But when I go to the week I want which is the week of 9/22, it does come up, great! I just wanted to know if this is a glitch. And to make sure the program is working properly. Plus I don't want her to get discouraged when trying to do this . Anyone know??? Feeling overwhelmed in trying to understand the whole program and how it works, on the parent side.

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    There could be a glitch. I've not had this problem. If after reading the following, you still have problems, please either post in the "tech problems" section of the forum or for fastest help, call (888) 771-0914 from 8:30-6:00 EST. or click here to email for help.

    The Time4Learning program provides members with a full year’s worth of curriculum that is laid out in a suggested sequence with lessons building on each other. The program prompts your child to move from lesson to lesson marking them off as they are completed. Since the program is self-paced, you can decide how many lessons your child completes each day. The assignments function is used by teachers in schools and only allows them to assign one lesson at a time to their entire class. Since Time4Learning is a home-based curriculum, the assignments feature is not functional for home use.

    To help with lesson planning, Time4Learning has designed the activity scheduler to help figure out how many lessons to do per week, and can be accessed through the parent administration page. The activity scheduler allows you to break down the curriculum week- by-week into an easy to follow plan that can be printed out and saved in PDF form. Each activity is assigned a learning a learning activity number (LA#) which will be included on the generated schedule. The student can then type this LA# into the activity finder on your child’s launch page which will take them directly to the activity.

    Take the amount of lessons per subject and divide by the number of days in your year to arrive at a certain amount of lessons per day, per subject. Keep in mind though some lessons take longer than others depending on what is being taught.

    Since the planner generates for the week and not daily, there is the option for the student to click on the activities they have completed as a place keeper only. The parent still needs to log in to the progress report to see the completed work and the grades.

    This page has a video tutorial about using the activity scheduler. Look under "Lesson Previewing and Planning" and click on the third one down. A pop-up window will open. The tutorial is just over one minute.
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