ALGEBRA- answer sheets
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    Default ALGEBRA- answer sheets

    Will the answers be posted soon for the algebra worksheets and or how can I get them? (I'm having my daughter do each worksheet for re-inforcement.)

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    We have told our members that we will get all the answer sheets and teaching guides up by the end of August.

    We are now getting down to the last few days and had planned to work on it through the weekend to get it done.

    But, it turns out the system is unavailable due to system maintenance this weekend and our office move this week also did not go so smoothly so we are probably doing to miss the Aug 31 commitment. Sorry.

    Hopefully, we will get them all up in the first week of September. Please bear with us. We know that they are very useful and right behind answering member's support questions, this is a top priority.

    For info on the answer keys and teaching guides.
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    They are UP!!!! and they're great.

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