Am I a teacher or a coach?
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    Default Am I a teacher or a coach?

    I want to home school, but for my specific situation need someone else to be the primary teacher if I'm going to homeschool. Either through DVD, online, or something. I need to hear from someone who has done this whether that is possible through Time4Learning. I understand this is a curriculum, but it appears it might be possible for my daughter to self-direct (she's a very mature, patient, focused, eager to learn 5 year old) without me as the primary teacher. I understand she will need a certain level of support at the K-1st grade.

    I basically took my daughter through Kindergarten last year, but did not have her enrolled, so online public schools would require her to retake Kindergarten. I want her to continue to progress, without wasting time relearning what she knows. She's farther ahead in language/reading (which I'm confident teaching), but not as much in math (which I'm not confident I'm teaching properly). It appears she could advance at her own pace through individual subjects.

    One post indicated that their child could complete everything for K in an hour each day. Is that typical? How much time can I expect the online work to take (if divided for a typical 9 month school year). I can very easily fill in supplemental hours for Ohio, I already did the math.

    Another hang-up I this really a quality education? K-12 offers so much, is this comparable?

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    Hi, matey-me. The lessons are designed to be done independently by the student, but most kindergartners will need help navigating them. For example, you might locate and get her (ten-minute) math lesson started for her and then walk away and leave her to do it on her own. When she's finished with that, you might come back and start a language arts lesson running for her, and then walk away again.

    You are the teacher. This is true even if you aren't directly explaining something to your child yourself. All teachers will use additional resources -- such as videos, guest speakers, or computer programs -- to help teach their students. As the teacher, you "direct" your child's education. You don't necessarily do all the teaching yourself, from scratch.

    Yes, the online kindergarten lessons can be completed in an hour a day. Children at that age also need experiential learning, though. Public schools realize that, which is why you will see things such as blocks and toy kitchens in kindergarten classrooms. In addition to the online lessons, you will want to provide plenty of opportunity for imaginative play (dolls, action figures, toy kitchens), active play (swinging, biking), and creative play (painting, clay). In addition, you will want to read to her daily and provide penmanship instruction. All of the above "count" as "school" time, so your child isn't just doing school for an hour a day.

    I did like to sit with my kids at that age as they did they lessons. That way, I knew exactly what they were studying and I could reinforce it throughout the day during natural conversation.

    Yes, Time4Learning is a quality education. I have personal issues with K-12, so I don't even like to compare them. I feel K-12 insists on way too much busy work for the student, in an attempt to keep them "working" six hours per day. There is lots of coloring, which is of limited value after the first coloring page of the day. School at home should not take nearly as long as traditional school, because there aren't the "crowd control" issues to consider. See How Long is a Homeschool Day. Especially at the kindergarten level, I believe the student should be required to have a short time of "formal" studying, and then loads of quality experiential activities to choose from, like the ones I've suggested above. You can let her choose; it's better to not structure every second of their day.

    Looking forward to finding out what you decide.

    Mom of six . . . current students and homeschool graduates. Enjoying using Time4Learning since 2006!

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