Anybody using T4L with satellite internet??
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    Default Anybody using T4L with satellite internet??

    I happened to stumble onto this website in researching different options for homeschooling my three children (11, 9 and 7). We have always homeschooled, however, I (and the kids along with me) am approaching burnout and need to change to something different before I throw the towel in and send my kids off to public school. That is how I found my way here, it seems to be so much what we need right now, especially my younger two, who are boys and complete video/computer geeks! All three of the kids loved doing the demo lessons and want to switch to T4L RIGHT NOW!!! I'm hesitating only because I hate to waste money by not having the kids complete their current workbooks first before signing up. Anybody have any input on that?

    My main question relates to satellite internet. I don't know about other satellite internet companies, but we are limited to a certain amount of usage per month based on what we pay. I was just curious if anyone could give me an idea of what kind of a "drain" using this program would have on my monthly usage so I could get a true cost of how much it would be for me on a month to month basis in case I had to pay more to my satellite internet company to increase my level of internet access to use this program. Am I making any sense?

    I hope someone can help me, thanks so much!
    I had so much fun and learned so much by reading the prior posts, it seems like this forum is very helpful and the site administrators really care about the feedback they get and do what they can to improve.

    Sorry, this post was longer than I intended it to be.

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    Unfortunately, since there are too many factors involved when trying to measure how much bandwidth a session of Time4Learning will consume (for example, the size of a lesson can vary greatly from one to another), there isn't an estimated figure that can be offered regarding how much bandwidth a customer may end up using in a 2 hour session of Odyssey.

    We suggest contacting your ISP and ask if there are any software tools you can obtain from the ISP to gauge the amount of data transfer per session. Such a tool should allow the customer to see the amount of bandwidth they are using in an average internet session over a certain time frame (per week, per month, etc). They can then use these results to see how much bandwidth they are consuming for their Odyssey sessions.

    I hope this helps! Oh, and you can always use your workbooks with Time4Learning.

    Time4Learning Support

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