Anyone with the heart to share?
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    Default Anyone with the heart to share?

    I have started out the school year homeschooling my kindergartener who is 6years
    I have since over the past month placed him in public school due to needing to leave the family home and now it is just me and my 5 and 6 year old boys.
    I hope to going back to homeschooling my child/ren next year since I really believe in it and enjoyed initially doing it.

    I am needing to be better connected. My 6 year old is yearning for friends to play and learn with. He is really into legos right now and I am wanting to connect him with other homeschoolers who are also into lego and doing lego parties.
    If any one has any information on how to get connected to a group in the Snohomish county Arlington area let me know PLEASE.

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    Have u tried googling for homeschool groups in ur area? That's how I found my HS group. Alot of HS groups do co-ops which would be a great way to get connected. Also, I don't know how u feel about this, but church is our #1 way of getting connected to other families.
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