Anyone switched to T4L from Calvert/Connections Academy?
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    Default Anyone switched to T4L from Calvert/Connections Academy?

    i have three daughters currently enrolled in the SC Connections Academy and they've been with them since the middle of last year - my oldest (8th gr) loves it, my middle daughter (6th gr) is on the fence but i think she likes it more than she admits but my youngest liked it until recently - this year in just four weeks they've made at least two major changes without warning and without consulting the parents - one of those changes really affects my youngest who is a struggling reader - i know that CA has tons of programs that would help her but they all would label her as "disabled" or "special needs" and she is neither - she just isn't getting the hang of reading as fast as most kids her age - she was also set back by some family members that kept telling her she "couldn't read" and for awhile she just shut down because of that - her teacher last year even said he could see that she CAN read and read well - she's just slower than most - anyway, from the demos it looks like T4L might be right up her alley and i'm seriously considering trying it for her - i just wanted to know how it compares to Calvert/CA

    btw, i'm really very happy with CA except for how this is affecting my youngest - basically, the changes include more emphasis and pressure on testing and it's affecting her self-esteem which i've worked VERY hard to build back up - i thought if i take her out and let her try T4L for a year, maybe she can improve her reading skills (without having to be labelled by CA) and then we can retry CA or continue with T4L if it seems to be working better for her - i'd like to know if anyone has opinions/advice/experience along these lines

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    Default Re: Anyone switched to T4L from Calvert/Connections Academy?

    Hi, and welcome!

    Here's an article about programs like Connections Academy that you might be interested in.

    Most families find that Time4Learning takes much less time than Calvert, and there is less switching back and forth from computer to books.

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    Default Re: Anyone switched to T4L from Calvert/Connections Academy?

    oh wow that is really harsh!! i'm so very sorry that you're having these struggles. my daughter is in 3rd and has also really struggled with reading. t4l has really helped her a lot because the fun stories made it a little more interesting for her. she's now above grade level - when i first started homeschooling her, she was below grade level. i've never heard of calvert, so i can't make a direct comparison for you ... but i wish you all the best!! let us know what you end up doing with her and if there is anything else we can do to help you!
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