Anyone use as an enrichment tool in public school?
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    Default Anyone use as an enrichment tool in public school?

    My 4th grader is academically gifted and always finishes his work ahead of the rest of the class. The fallback has always been for the early finishers to sit and read quietly. I have let this go on for too many years. My child reads hundreds of pages a day at home in the evenings. I need him doing something else at school. So I have a conference to discuss this with the teacher. I'd be willing to pay for a subscription if I knew that he'd be allowed to use it during his "spare time "at school.

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    Default Re: Anyone use as an enrichment tool in public school?

    Sometimes schools have a shortage of computers. I don't know if that would be an issue at your child's school or not. If the school agrees that your gifted student needs enrichment activities and Time4Learning is part of the plan, I would check into having the school foot the bill. It couldn't hurt to ask.

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