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    Default Assigning specific items

    Is there any way to assign specific chapters to my child? From the looks of things, it looks like she can pick and choose what she is interested in doing. For her, she will complete all the science and ignore the rest.

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    The assignment function doesn't work for the "homeschool" version of Time4Learning. You will have to manually assign subjects and lessons, and then check the records to see if she did them.

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    I can completely relate to the child doing science and nothing else! My daughter is that way. It will easily take us until June to finish the rest of sixth grade, but science...I will give it until February 1st The way I get around that is to just let her move on in science. The beauty of homeschooling is flexibility. And I insist that she does other subjects a couple of days a week. Unfortunately, the program can't enforce that. Some families make a written schedule of what the child must accomplish, complete with lesson numbers, each week This might go as far as to say how many of each subject each day. Others just set a certain number of assignments for the week (15-20 activities, including quizzes and chapter tests, for example) without setting how many in each subject. The main thing is that you will have to "manually" assign and enforce what lessons you want done. Since each family is different, I'm kind of glad Time4Learning does not have the ability to make my child do a certain number, or lock out so she can't do more if she wants to or is able.
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