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    Default Assignments?

    I would like to assign certain modules for my kids to do. Can I do that? Is that what the assignments folder is? Thank you!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Anonymous
    I would like to assign certain modules for my kids to do. Can I do that? Is that what the assignments folder is? Thank you!
    Assignments are a function of our system that we rarely use since it is incompatible with our functions that we do use.

    Parents can pick what lessons they want their child to do. They do not have to follow the assigned sequence.

    To help parents plan more efficiently than just looking at the upcoming lessons (the same way the children would), we have made available a list of the scope and sequence of lessons for each grade level.

    For parents to use the scope and sequence as part of an overall way of looking at upcoming lessons and student progress:
    - parents should look at the upcoming lessons in the scope & sequence
    - to preview the upcoming lessons, the parents should login as a child and put the activity number (the LA) into the activity finder on the Launch page.

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    Default Great!

    The scope and sequence is very detailed and even more than what I was looking for! This is a great option to have more control over exactly what the children are learning!
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    Default Assignments

    It would be great if this was available to use. Or, alternatively, if you could keep the yellow arrow from moving forward unless the child has passed that area. As it is, the arrow continues to move forward no matter how well they do.

    Assignments would allow us to list certain things they would need to redo.

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