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    Default Buy any materials?

    If only using T4L for your whole curriculum, what (if any) extra materials do you buy? I'm assuming the kids will need pencils and paper for writing assignments, but anything else?

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    There might be some extra materials in the science sections, to do the science experiments. There might be some extra printing done for social studies where you print out a chart or something. But as for major extra's I do not believe so. We have used this program from 2-6th grade levels and have not had any need to spend extra monies.
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    Brandy seems to have the same opinion as I do on this (we have used T4L 2-5th grade). There are just not a lot of extra costs. Potential extra costs that I have found:
    1. Materials for science...minimum and things like the thermometer, and magnifying glass are used over and over, so it is a one time cost. Some materials are expended, but these are normally things you might commonly have around the house.
    2. Books from the reading lists...these can almost always be accessed through the public library, so this is not really an extra cost, but does require extra effort.
    3. Printables...if you choose to print the resources that are available, you will have to have a printer and associated supplies.
    In reality, if your budget is extremely tight, supplies for science and printing resources are optional. We don't do every experiment available, sometimes we just talk the experiement through and don't do it, so it can be done without additional costs.

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