Can T4L be used as a stand alone or does it require supplementation?
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    Default Can T4L be used as a stand alone or does it require supplementation?

    Hello! We are just looking into homeschooling...trying to get the budget together, work out all the nitty gritty details so that I can stay home with the kiddos and homeschool. A good friend of mine told me about T4L and raves about it. I'm wondering if anyone has any tips for me, and my biggest question is whether it can be used as the sole education or should I be looking at other things to supplement? My daughter is in 1st grade and my son just turned 5. So, realistically we'll be looking at starting HS next year, with the kids being in K and 2nd grade. Any help, tips, suggestions, personal experiences would be MUCH appreciated! Thanks!!!

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    You can use T4L as a standalone with no problems; it is aligned to state and national standards. Some people use it as their core and some use it as a supplement. If you use it as your core, supplement handwriting with Spelling Vocabulary City. It is a sister site and is free to use. You will find the spelling words for your "2nd" grader on the site, or you can input your own words. You can also print handwriting sheets, and practice vocabulary. You might want to add extra hands-on activities, especially for the little one.

    Have your kids tried any of the demos yet? That's a great place to start. Let them see what T4L is all about. Whenever you do begin homeschooling, just remember, homeschooling IS NOT public school. You set your own schedule and choose what your children will study. Try not to cram too many hours into each study session; allow lots of breaks. Don't set up a "classroom" like you would find at school unless that is something you really want to do. Study on the couch, outside, at the table... If you are using T4L, you can school anywhere you have an Internet connection. Take the laptop outside or to the park for a break from the house. Join a local homeschool support group, and or a local homeschool co-op. They both usually offer field trips, parties, sports, classes, play groups...
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    We also use Time4Learning as our core, or standalone. My boys are in 2nd and 7th grades and we have had no problems with doing that...for more than 5 years now. For a long time, we would write our spelling words and that would be spelling AND handwriting, but we have been using Vocabulary Spelling City like Jackie mentioned above for a little more than a year. I think the boys love that site almost more than I do, lol.

    Outside of our computer we do have a good bit of independent reading, art projects, science experiments and field trips, but don't have any formal supplements or anything.

    Good luck, and keep us posted!
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    We use Time4Learning as our core, and suppliment, not because we need to but because we want to. My daughter loves science, so she craves more of it, as it is we will finish 6th grade science by Christmas! We add reading, Spanish, piano, TaeKwonDo and horseback riding lessons, as well as particpate in two local homeschool groups. We also use Vocabulary and Spelling city and I have seen an improvement in my daughter's spelling. Hope this helps!
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