Can we skip lessons?
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    Question Can we skip lessons?

    My daughter is behind her grade level and I wold love to help her catch up. She's above average in grammar, average in spelling, and struggles with writing and cursive. If I have to put her in a lower grade level for LA, do we need to do every lesson or can we skip the lessons that are easy for her?

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    Hello cathpete, you can do whatever you want with lessons. If need to skip lessons you are sure she knows, that is your choice. You might want her to take the test on them to make sure she understands everything. If she does really good, nothing lost. If she has problems, you can go back and work on the lessons.

    You are correct in that you can place her a level up or a level down within each subject based on where she is. For example, if she is on a 4th grade level overall, you can put her in 5th grade Language Ext., 4th grade math... You might also want to check out our sister site, VocabularySpellingCity. It has not only spelling and vocabulary games, but also handwriting sheets.

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