Can this work for us?
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    Default Can this work for us?

    I have searched and looked at so many curriculums so far, included time4learning but still isn't sure that this will actually work for my children. I have a 9yo son, who hates writing with all that is within him - as he would say - and dislikes all textbook-work. He loves lego's and designing + building stuff as long as it has nothing to do with school. He is a very right-brained, visual, hands-on learner as is my little girl. She is now 6yo and is diagnosed with ADDED and is 20% autistic.
    Everything look really great but my main concern is: Will my children cope with this? We are an afrikaans family, with no english friends. The only english my children are exposed to is on tuesdays - when we speak only english in our house. Is there any afrikaans families who is currently using time4learning? Can somebody please give me some advice on this, because I just don't know what else to do.

    Please help.

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    Default maybe this will help

    Dear Shanri,

    We're new to Time4Learning and are not afrikaans, so I can't help with those issues. But I might be able to help with your children's resistance to school. They sound so much like my own daughter at that age. Kids who are somewhat autistic (and many who are not) have trouble with their senses not working quite right. Have you read The Out of Sync Child? You might find it helpful.

    Also, a surprisingly high percentage of ALL children have a weakness in the muscle that goes from the eye to the brain, which gives them difficulty in coordinating their eye movements in the ways needed for reading and writing. This would not show up on a normal eye exam -- they need to be tested by someone who is trained in this and has the right equipment. Look for an optometrist who specializes in Vision Therapy (like physical therapy, only for the eye muscles). This problem is very treatable. For my daughter, it was like a miracle. I can't say she now loves reading and writing, but she no longer hates it or resists it.

    You may also want to look into two other things: auditory processing disfunction and dysgraphia. I won't go into them here, but you can find lots of information and symptom checklists on the internet.

    I know what it is like to feel at your wits' end when it comes to roadblocks in your children's progress! It took me years to finally get all the answers. Don't give up! Schooling doesn't have to be this hard, and when it is, there is probably a good reason for it -- and the reason is most likely fixable. If you can see your child is intelligent but he or she dislikes school things, it's unlikely to be just their personalitiy. There is something making school things feel dreadful to them, and you will end many battles by finding out what it is and getting help for it.

    If you don't like looking researching it on your own, there is a place in Seattle (the only place like it, to my knowledge) where they spend a whole day with your child, testing them in every possible way to figure out what makes learning so unpleasant for them. They don't do any treatments there, but they will tell you what treatments are needed and help you find out where to get them in your area. It's called the Eide Clinic, and they are wonderful people.

    Good luck!


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