Good morning! I have been homeschooling my 2 kids ages 13 and 11 for the past 2 years - this is our 2nd year. We pulled our kids from our local public school due to conflicts with the principal and lack of academic DD is not enjoying homeschooling AT ALL. She misses her friends dearly and the fact that she doesn't HAVE to do work there LOL...When it's us here, she HAS to do the work..

My question is this: she is really struggling in Math. She is currently registered in an online homeschooling program that does NOT offer a lot of support, or teachings - I am the one teacher her everything (there are worksheets to print out etc. and teachers are online, but sometimes don't get back to us for DAYS) ... now, can we use Time4Learning just for Math to catch her up - as a supplement to our already Math program? Or should I blend her in that subject and do T4L alone? She is currently enrolled in Gr. 6 Math, but I have just discovered over the past couple weeks, that she does NOT know multiplication, division or fractions yet...and we are exasperated! Would this be something we can get her to do on her laptop an hour or so a day to help her with her basic math facts???

Thank you in advance to anyone who would have some advice for me. I'm getting extremely frustrated and in turn, it's not making our time at home here any better. Also, is it useable here in Canada??