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    Default Changing Grade levels

    I have a preschooler who is already reading and adding and subtracting. She is from what I am told by others advanced. I am wondering if I sign up for Time4Learning if she will be able to move to the next level at her pace. Looking at the levels in the demo lessons she would be doing the second grade section but I would want to start her out at a lower level and have her move to where she should be. Is it possible to do that? She loves working on the computer and making up stories and this seems like a great way to help keep her interested in learning and allowing her to move as quickly as she wants to. Also is review required? She hates to do review and if things start to review she will not continue on with interest. Thanks for any help anyone can give me.

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    Default Re: Changing Grade levels

    She will have easy access to one level above and one level below her registered level by clicking the little level button on her launchpad.

    You can access lessons from ANY level by inputting the lesson activity numbers in the Activity Finder. Lesson activity numbers are found on the lesson plans that are available when you sign in as a parent.

    You can change her registered level as often as you want, and she can work at different levels in different subjects. Just email [email protected] and it will be done within 24 hours. There is no charge for making the change.

    You can skip lessons or repeat them as many times as necessary. You can administer quizzes and tests or skip them altogether. Some people give the tests and not the quizzes or vice versa. It's all entirely up to you.

    For placement purposes, children should be comfortable with numbers up to 100 before they attempt the first grade math, which is quite a bit more advanced than kindergarten math. Preschool language just begins to introduce letter sounds. Kindergarten teaches sounds of single letters. First grade revfiews letter sounds, teaches sounds of blends and some sight words. Second grade continues with phonics instruction and teaches reading fluency. If she finds the review tedious, she can skip the lesson without difficulty.

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