Child that is HF Autistic and T4L?
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    Default Child that is HF Autistic and T4L?

    Our son who has autism is high functioning and verbal. In our very small community he is currently in the public school system but we are having constant issues with bullying. Of course due to the autism, our son lack social skills and some behavioural skills. He is textbook autism in that area. Therefore doesn't understand the bullying and lets it continue. I have little tolerance and am looking for alternatives to the public school system.

    Is T4L a program to consider for very bright computer literate autistic children? Can a child with an IEP still be home schooled.


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    Hello WyGal,

    Your son would most likely do just fine with Time4Learning. We do have kids on the autism spectrum who use this program successfully. As far as his IEP, you wouldn't have to have one to homeschool, the IEP is for public school. Not sure if that is what you are asking.

    Have you been to the WY State Forum board yet? Members there will be able to give you great advice on homeschooling in your state.

    Here is another link for info about homeschooling in your state.

    You might also check out the Special Needs Forum for help and tips. You will find lots of posts about autism.

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    Coming in late on this ... sorry

    My son is HF Aspie, and he has been doing reallyreally well with the program the past few years. The best part about homeschooling him is we can work on a schedule that works best for HIM, and I can help him learn the skills he needs to deal with kids who aren't as nice to him. He is in scouts and youth group at church, and is gaining confidence as he gets older. He's in 6th now.
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