Concerning different speeds of learning per subject.
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    Default Concerning different speeds of learning per subject.

    I have a few questions about the grade levels. When we pay for an
    account do we have access to past and future grade levels and if so
    how easy is it to switch. One reason we chose to homeschool is to
    allow different rates of learning to take place. Our oldest tends to
    excel in math areas but is slower in language and reading.

    My 2nd question, is there an option for parents to go through the
    same materials as the child. I know that when we prepare our
    lessons we go through things the night before (its embarrassing how
    much I have forgotten over the years!) in order to help them if they
    need help.

    Thanks in advance!

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    You can quickly and easily change to the level immediately above or below where your child is registered like this. If you find that your child is registered an a level that is not right for him, you can request a permanent change which is usually effective within a day.

    You can log in as your student and look at the lessons ahead of time. This will, however, show up as student activity on his reports. Some parents get around this by printing a daily report for their student in the evening and then previewing the following day's work. That keeps the preview off the printed record for the following day.

    Lessons, tests, and quizzes may be accessed as many times as necessary.

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