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    I am trying to get my son started.Im not sure on how to do this.It says he will have lessons plans , but I don't see any.I see the folders, does he just click on those?Also it is supose to be timed , I don't see that either.Also , how to you get to the part where it shows you how to do a subject?Any help will be I will be thankfull.
    Barbara Smith

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    Getting started is always a little confusing. Generally, by the end of the first week, the child is no longer confused and eager to do it on their own.

    In getting started, be sure to look at the hints (linked here or from the home page)

    The best way to start is spend the first two weeks just alternating by day between language arts and math. So, day 1, click on the ABC button in the launch pad. Then click on the first icon in the top left corner to get to the first lesson. Work until you have had enough for the day and then let the child play in the playground.

    Next day, click on 1-2-3 and do some math.

    After a few days, you'll get a feel for their attention span and whether the timer is useful to you or not (many never use it. never find it to be the best tool that they've ever found)

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    Default Welcome Hope

    I'm happy to see you got your son started with T4L. Is he enjoying it so far? I noticed your post about the timer. Did you find helpful info in hints? If not, when you login as 'Parent', you can access this option.
    My son loves using the timer. We weren't using it at first, then we realized it was more helpful. What I like about it is that you can change the settings anytime you need, to fit the circumstances. We use it as a reward tool as well by setting up an extra 5 or 10 minutes sometimes.
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    This my first year trying to homeschool my 12 year old son and this is the first curriculum weve attempted. NowI am not a genius but im far from stupid. We signed up yesterday, started this morning and I am completely lost. I had assumed that using a site like this, it would be somewhat structured and offer him some guidance on what to do when. Is this unrealistic of me to think that? Is this site typical of most other online homeschool curriculums?
    For example, when he signed in in the morning it would say; Welcome Student, click "here" for your initial assigment in.

    I would hate to give up this soon and send him back to public school just because I dont know what I am doing but if I feel like I am negatively affecting his education thats what I would do.


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    Don't give up! I am also starting homeschooling for my 12 year old daughter this year. Try going here and check out the lesson plans for your son's grade level

    What we are doing is running home school like public school was. My daughter prefers to do an hour to two hours per day of each of the four subjects. There are what she calls "bubbles" for each unit. For example, in the math, I had her begin with Whole Numbers (as the lesson plan starts out) which is not the first "bubble" on the upper left, but further down the "bubble" groups. Within Whole Numbers are lessons on adding, subtracting etc. Whole Numbers (along with some extra worksheets we used as supplements) lasted her a week. She has just started Decimals.

    Hope that helps some. Again, don't give up!!


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