Confused as to which child to join...advice needed please.
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    Default Confused as to which child to join...advice needed please.


    I just joined and am contemplating signing up one of my 2 kids for T4L but not sure which one (I can only afford to do one for now). Anyway this is where my predicament comes in. I have a just turn 9 year old (4th grader) who is totally de-motivated and although he is a very smart boy, will do nothing on his own without the constant push. He goes to a private school and his teacher is great but she also has no idea why his focus is getting less and less instead of increasing with time (she had him last year as well) I can see where his grades are falling from A and a few B's to not sure what but I know that it will not be mostly A's and B's. I have no idea what else to do to motivate him and would love to try T4L to see if that will help but I am really not sure if it will be a waste of money like everything else I have tried so far. My other little monkey is 2 almost 3 and is the total opposite of his brother. (no, I do not think he is the reason his older brother is not doing as well as he could). Anyway, my little one is VERY motivated so much so that I choose to send him to the same school as his brother because he begged me all of last year to go to school and was adamant about it but was of course too young.He has been there for 5 weeks now and absolutely loves it. The problem is that he is extremely advance for his age (already reading simple words, computation is great and he is already doing very simple addition and subtraction. He knows his vowels, bones of the body, months of the year, count to 10 in Spanish and 39 and more but with help in English but can count in 1o's up to 100. He seems to know every opposite I ask him ex. opposite of sink he immediately say float. Knows shapes such as trapezoid and crescent, pentagon etc. He picks up on things so fast it is almost weird for example a last month he got a sudden interest in car emblems (having had no previous interest in cars whatsoever) in a matter of days he started telling us the name of every car he sees on the road and knows them all by name (he is teaching me, his dad and his big brother about cars lol). Anyway, although I have explained to his teachers his extreme thirst for knowledge, they seem to be holding back and is only giving him what they consider 'age appropriate stuff' which since he is the youngest in the class..well actually in the school they are not giving him much at all. He knows most of what he is being taught now since he was 1year old. I was doing a better job of keeping up with his thirst when he as home with me but he would be totally devastated if I were to pull him out as he loves being in school with his brother. When he comes home he is always wanting to do 'homework' like his brother and this is why I think T4L might be great for him. I am stretched to the max money wise in sending them both to school but as a Christian, I REFUSE to send my kids to a public school where Jesus is a swear word and nothing in the curriculum is about God . Plus all the other, what I deem as insane stuff is taught there, so for this reason they are in a Christian school.
    I know I have gone on and on but I truly am not sure which one I should sign up. I have gone through and LOVE what I see with T4L. Can anyone tell me which child to choose..the one who needs more but does not want it or the one who wants to learn more and more and more....

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    I am a little confused, are you looking to homeschool your boys or are you looking to just give them some extra help?

    No one can tell you which child to place place into What I recommend is you sign them both up and let them try it out for 14 days. If you are not happy or they are not happy then cancel by the 14th day and get your money back.

    It might take some time of observation of your oldest son to figure out why he has lost his drive for learning. Maybe he is board in the classroom or it is to hard? There could be lots of reasons. As for your youngest, wow that is great that he has a hunger for learning. Just don't forget to let him play. But he can play and learn at the same time.

    I hope others come along and offer some support as well.

    Good luck on your decision.
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    I have to second what Brandy said, try the trial, it might give you insight as to which child would do better with the T4L format. This is just my personal opinion, but I think both children are excellent candidates for homeschooling. Your oldest seems to need some one-on-one time, and your youngest could work at the pace he needed to work in order to be satisfied. I understand that there are a zillion things that go into the choice to homeschool and that it is not for everyone. Give T4L trial a serious chance, then you will know which child responds better to the way things are presented. I can truely say I have never heard anyone say that T4L hasn't worked for their kids, but I'm sure there are instances where it is not best for a particular child's learning style. Good luck!
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