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    Default Considering home schooling

    Hi, my name is Jane and I am considering home schooling as an option for my 12 yr. old granddaughter. She is a bright girl, but is unhappy socially at our local school. I fear that lonliness and being the subject of bullying will interfere with her education that I truly want her to have. I do not want to isolate her though, and am wondering how other home schooled children are socially active, sports, etc.. I live in Edgerton,WI and any suggestions or ideas are appreciated.

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    I don't know your area but here in NJ and I assume everywhere else there are homeschool co-ops, sports, etc. There are groups here that are organized geographically so you can meet people that way. Your gd can still do dance class, sports, or whatever else she likes to do as outside classes outside of school.

    I worried about lonliness too at first (this is my first year homeschooling), but my daughter is fine. She has a lot less anxiety now, too, and we got closer. She also learns WAY more than she ever did at school. She is thriving academically and hungry for more. At school she was just sort of taking up space, literally "spacing out." I have no regrets. I think almost everyone else who has made this leap feels the same.


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    Hello, f'sgramma.
    We've been homeschooling 13 years now. I did not homeschool my oldest son. He's always saying that he wishes he'd been homeschooled as his 3 younger siblings are. He says they have a better social life than he did. My kids are definitely not isolated and have never felt lonely or been the subject of bullying. I think if they'd been in a brick and mortar school, they likely would've least two of my children because one is short for his age and my daughter has special needs.

    We live in Florida and have a fairly large homeschool community. We are part of a homeschool support group. Over the years we have participated in co-ops (classes like music, sign language, art) taught by parents once a week for a few hours. We've also participated in Spelling Bees, Geography Bees, Mathnasiums, Science Fairs, 4-H clubs, drama club, Yearbook clubs (yes, we have yearbooks), high school dances, homeschool sports groups, piano lessons, ballet....the list goes on. My oldest are in high school and I have one in elementary now.

    I would first suggest that you research the homeschool laws in Wisconsin. Time4Learning has some information on homeschooling in Wisconsin. And you can find a lot of information just on Google. But HSLDA (homeschool legal defense association) can also provide you with information about support groups and the laws of your state. I Googled support groups in Wisconsin and found this one site, but there are more. You don't have to be a member to attend meetings and ask questions. I would also look into attending a homeschool conference in Wisconsin. They're all starting up soon in most states.
    This one is May 2 & 3 put together by Wisconsin Parents Association
    This one is May 29 & 31 put together by Wisconsin Christian Home Educators Association
    And here is a list of homeschool conferences in most states.

    I hope that all helps. Please feel free to ask more questions or to even visit all the different forums we have here.
    enjoying homeschooling and learning with my kids, using T4L and T4W
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