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    Default curriculum question

    I am jumping in head first this fall to homeschooling. My question is in Minnesota instruction must include
    1.basic communication skills including reading and writing, literature and fine arts

    2. math and science

    3. Social studies including history, geography and government

    4. health and physical education.

    My son is suppose to be in 5th grade in the fall. Would I need to add curriculum to T4L to meet all the above?


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    First, keep in mind that ALL of those things do not have to be taught EVERY year. For instance, it is common to teach geography one year and history another, and call it all "social studies". Time4Learning covers geography, history, civics, and more in its social studies curriculum.

    Time4Learning has an excellent language program, effectively covering reading, writing, and literature. After second grade, the science curriculum is complete and comprehensive.

    Health concepts are well covered under the topic of "science".

    For P.E., does your child play soccer or is he on a Little League team? Again, Minnesota homeschool laws do not require that P.E. be taught every day throughout the school year, or even every year. They also do not define P.E., so you are free to design your own P.E. curriculum, which can include walks around the block and playing active games.

    For fine arts, does your son play a musical instrument? Does he take part in your church's Christmas program? Both of these are common things that homeschooling parents use to satisfy fine arts requirements. If you would prefer a more formal art curriculum, some parents are finding that has a style similar to T4L.

    In addition, you will find that concepts from other subjects are integrated within the language arts curriculum, especially later in the year when your son reaches the ILA lessons (Integrated Language Arts).

    Generally, Time4Learning is a complete curriculum, with common extra-curricular activities being sufficient to round-out a student's education. Many parents choose to supplement. Our family supplements heavily at times and not at all during our busier months.

    In states like Minnesota, which require annual testing, students who demonstrate mastery of the Time4Learning curriculum typically do well on their tests.

    Welcome to Time4Learning! We're looking forward to sharing this adventure with you.

    Mom of six . . . current students and homeschool graduates. Enjoying using Time4Learning since 2006!

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