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    Default Customizing Assignments

    I have found the scope and sequence documents and found them to be quite useful. I am using Time4Learning as a tutoring resource for struggling students. The pre-programmed courses of study do not always match their needs or the district's curriculum. Being able to assign lessons from multiple grade levels is great.

    But where do I find the quizzes that go with them and how do I assign them?


    Mike Barnes

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    These instructions apply to Math, Science, and Social Studies. Language Arts tests and quizzes are incorporated into the main curriculum, and will be discussed later.

    It is not difficult to customize the quizzes and tests, although it requires several paragraphs to explain. It will be helpful if you have a copy of a Lesson Plan (scope and sequence) in front of you as you review the following information. These instructions apply to grade three and up.

    It is important to understand how this curriculum defines some common terms. Each subject is divided into chapters. Each chapter is divided into several lessons. Each lesson is further divided into several lesson activities. The Lesson Activity Numbers are what you have been inputting to assign your students' work.

    The quizzes and tests do not appear on the Lesson Plans. You can find and access them through the student login in the following manner:

    First, log in as the student. Click on the desired subject (i.e. "Math). You will be taken to a blue page, with circles representing each chapter. Click on a chapter and you will be taken to a green/teal page, with circles representing each lesson in that chapter. Following that set of circles, still on the teal page, you will find a circle labeled "Test". Clicking on the circle will access the test for that ENTIRE CHAPTER.

    Click on one of the lessons and you will be taken to an orange page with circles representing each Lesson Activity in that lesson. Following that set of circles, still on the orange page, you will find a circle labeled "Quiz". Clicking on the circle will access the quiz for that LESSON.

    By comparing the Lesson Plan to the circles in the student login, you can easily find all of the associated quizzes and tests. Students should have mastered each quiz in a chapter before attempting the chapter test.

    Science and Social Studies do not ALWAYS have a quiz following each chapter and a test following each Lesson, although that is usually the case.

    Language Arts treats each test and quiz as a Lesson Activity. Referring to a Language Arts Lesson Plan, you can assume that the last one, two, or three Lesson Activity Numbers in each Lesson will access a test or a quiz.

    Although it sounds like a lot of instructor study is necessary to accomplish this, just a few minutes comparing a printed Lesson Plan with what is available through the student login should make it clear. If you need more assistance, please let us know.

    Mom of six . . . current students and homeschool graduates. Enjoying using Time4Learning since 2006!

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    Because my son has a lot of areas to catch up in, I find myself constantly looking at scope and sequence and in looking at topics from the launch pad menu, etc. to see what he should do next, etc. I was feeling a bit scattered because of the nature of the situation, so after doing some reading on the forum and picking up some ideas (thanks, Paula!) and then individualizing them a bit to meet my needs, I am making tables (could also be done in Excel but I still haven't learned it well enough) showing just the chapter and lesson titles, and the corresponding activity numbers for each lesson as well as the quizzes and tests and also allowing room to check when each activity has been completed or to record the scores of quizzes and tests. I have also put one additional column for any comments I may want to make, such as indicating that the topic was initially failed with notation of the weaknesses and was then reviewed, repeated and passed, etc. The scope and sequence provides valuable detailed information and the online records do a super job of keeping track of scores, completions, etc. Those both serve a wonderful purpose which I will continue to use, but I think combining and individualizing the information will help me as well. Once I get this a little further along, I would be happy to share.

    This is such a great program. I am thankful for it every single day!! Thanks, too, for this forum. It is such a help to share ideas and an encouragment to share stories and support.


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