Cutting the ties that bind my childs mind....and my nerves!!!
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Thread: Cutting the ties that bind my childs mind....and my nerves!!!

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    Unhappy Cutting the ties that bind my childs mind....and my nerves!!!

    After a 5yr fight to get FAPE and the accommodations and services to help my child required by IDEA and failing, the last 2yrs being the worst and most high-academic-functioning son is now 11, he has gone from being an A, A-B honor roll student through 3rd grade, then a Behavioral Challenge that scored 737 in Math on the PASS test(highest in his whole school) and was invited into the Duke TIP program for gifted students through Duke doing minimal work in a 4hr school day that last year started out with 2 'shadows' (most real school districts hire Paraprofessionals!!!) in a closet to this year being in a 'Severe and Profound' Self-contained Special Needs class...I AM DONE!!!

    Is your program going to be able to help me fix these gaps created over the last 2-3yrs by our local education agency(they were called schools and school districts when I was a kid)?? And how does his IEP affect him in your program?

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    The Time4Learning curriculum provides members with a full year’s worth of curriculum that is laid out in a suggested sequence with lessons building on each other. The curriculum prompts your child to move from lesson to lesson marking them off as they are completed. Since Time4Learning is self-paced, you can decide how many lessons your child completes each day.

    Time4Learning is an interactive online curriculum consisting of math and language arts. And for elementary through middle school, T4L includes science and social studies as a bonus.

    Whether mainstream, gifted, or special needs, Time4Learning provides a flexible, student-paced approach. Children can be placed in different levels by subject. For example, a child might be in 7th grade language arts but 6th grade math.

    Each state has its own homeschool laws. When you homeschool,the parent is the teacher of record and makes decisions for their own child'seducation. If you have an existing IEP, you can choose to use it. Some statesalso provide for a PDP, which stands for Parent Directed Plan.

    I recommend that you review your state’s legal requirements before choosing any curriculum. This is a link for the SC Homeschool Law, and Information on Homeschooling in SC. If you are new to homeschooling, I recommend reading this free “Welcome to Homeschooling Guide”.
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    I feel your pain. I am looking at Time 4 Learning after pulling my seven year old grandson from the Private school he has attended for three years. My grandson is extremely intelligent, and has Autism- possibly Asperger's, which was only recently diagnosed. He also suffers from a Specific Learning Disorder, ADHD, OCD, and Tourettes, among a few other diagnoses, including a clinical depression which was identified during testing. The depressive symptoms were caused by the Kindergarten teacher's criticism and lack of understanding regarding children with special needs. This all was revealed during Neuropsychiatric testing, and when I read the results- I was furious and sad. It is all so difficult to try to navigate the system sometimes. After all we went through, my grandson was not classified. I retained a lawyer, because I now have a case against two school districts- but I have to keep my grandson's best interest as priority- so rather than begin a long, expensive battle and keep him in a place where he is not getting what he needs- I pulled him out and here we are. I am still seeking to classify him for next year, and I am still fuming, but I have to put him first. Having been through the battle with his mother- she had a Learning Disability and Bipolar Disorder both identified when she was ten- I know that things are not always easy or fair. You are the best and most knowledgeable advocate for your child- so just keep plugging along. It is a process. Perhaps the time at home will help your son gain back some of his confidence and you can breathe easier. As the lawyer told me- things can't get much worse. I am doing a trial period of Time4Learning and so far it seems as though it is going to work for us. My grandson enjoys it and I don't have to deal with the animosity or condescending attitudes of the school staff any longer. I don't want my grandson to fall through the cracks as his mother did- or to have a situation occur such as yours. Take the time and find what works best for your son. And don't forget to take care of you!!!!!
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