Deciding on this curriculum, have questions...
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    Default Deciding on this curriculum, have questions...

    Hi, I'm seriously considering signing up for this curriculum for my 3rd and1st graders. Just wondering, is it possible to start it in the middle of the year like this? Am I able to print out samples of their work so that I can show the school dept at the end of the year what they've done? This looks like a great curriculum. Thanks so much, Julie J

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    Many students begin in the middle of a traditional school year. Your student may start at any level and may start at any place within that level. It is also common for parent to change their students' levels a couple of times at first, to get them placed "just right" in each subject.

    Click here for information about the kinds of reports you can print out. From the reports, you may also print copies of the quizzes and tests your student has completed.

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    Default Re: Deciding on this Curriculum, Have Questions...


    T4L is such a flexible curriculum. Glad you found it! We have been using it for 1 1/2 yrs. now, and we love it! I think it would be perfect for the situation you are referring to, as coming in half way through the year, because unlike some other boxed-style curriculums, you don't have to purchase the "whole set" just to get what you want from it. You simply pay the monthly subscription, and pick and choose exactly what subjects and lessons you want to use. Easy as that! Hope you are able to come on board...

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