Deciding if HS is the best for my son.
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    Default Deciding if HS is the best for my son.

    I have a 13 year old Autistic son who is struggling to adapt to his new school. He has gotten to the point where he lashes out in school and then is sent home for the day or suspended. Im thinking that HS would be best for him right now since he is not able to adapt to our new home state of Virginia, and also the School District is only willing to provide only a few services to him. Any advice would be great for me.


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    Hi, Beth. Welcome to the forum.

    I thought you might be interested in this information.

    Mom of six . . . current students and homeschool graduates. Enjoying using Time4Learning since 2006!

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    Default Re: Deciding if HS is the best for my son


    Deciding to HS is such a tremendously big decision for any family, much less one with special needs. We have two sons with special needs, our oldest has Tourette Syndrome, and our youngest has Anxiety, OCD, and dyslexia. I have written a couple articles about homeschooling kids with special needs. You can check out one of them here. There is also so much great info on homeschooling kids with autism on the web, including some great message groups, such as ASLearningatHome. And there is Tammy Glaser's siteabout homeschooling her autistic children.

    Time4Learning has been quite a blessing to our family, and I hope that it will be of service to you as well as you embark on this journey. Good luck!

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    Does your child have an IEP plan? If so, the school is not suppose to suspend him if his actions are caused by his disabilties. And in his case I'm sure it is.

    I am not sure, but he could be lashing out becuase he doesn't understand the work he's doing which means either the school is not following the IEP plan and helping him correctly and legally, OR whatever is on the IEP plan is not working for him and needs to be changed to what will work for him.

    If this is teh case, he also can not be suspended for this.

    I am a member of quite a few parent boards for LD's, disabilities, etc and LOT of parents all across the country have problems with public schools. They do not follow the laws and help the sped children correctly.

    I would think that homeschool would be the best in your situation. With the way MOST public schools are, his experiences there will only get worse.

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    Dear Beth,

    I have four sons. Three have different degrees of disability. Truly ours runs on the mild side, but I would love to share the positive side of homeschooling... ,

    The FREEDOM to take our time and teach a concept without the pressure to keep up with anyone else.

    I love that my younger son without LD's looks UP to his brother and simply sees him as his older brother. He has no idea that he is any different than anyone else.

    I love that I can teach to his strengths and just do the barebones with his weaknesses. For instance, we do math and reading daily, but really hit ART and Math hard because my LD child loves it.

    I love to watch his confidence grow as he finds success with his T4L'ing lessons!

    I could go on and on, but for me, for our home, homeschooling has been a priceless gift. The hours I spend with my children doing school or simply living life our eternal. No one will ever have those memories but me. I am forever grateful.

    (note: I don't believe HS'ing is for everyone)
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