Desperately seeking change, need help
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    Default Desperately seeking change, need help

    Hello. I am searching for an improved educational experience for my son. Heís going into the 7th grade. We just moved to TN last fall and have had HORRIBLE experiences with his school. I am desperately seeking an alternative education plan for him. Iíve considered homeschool for a while now and he's begging for it! The problem is, I cannot stay home. Thatís not an option. I am hesitant of private schools and really want a home school experience for him. Being that he is only 12, I donít want him hanging at home all day either. I am looking for a homeschool group that he can join. Iím glad to help out however I can, research project ideas, curriculum, etc. I just canít quit work to homeschool him. Any suggestions?

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    Hi. I'm not aware of any homeschool groups that occupy a student for the majority of the day. I did work outside the home for many years while homeschooling my children, but there were a few kids at home to keep each other accountable, and I only worked part time.

    Some students can be left alone for most of the day, as long as they are able to get out and about in the community during the afternoons and on weekends. Remember, there are many worthwhile activities when he's finished the curriculum you choose. If he's in Scouts, he can work on badges. He can practice playing an instrument, lift weights or engage in other solitary sports, read, journal, build things, start a collection, bird watch, and so much more. You can even assign him some chores and consider it home ec. I'm perfectly serious about that!

    Even if they finished their schoo work, I did limit my kids' TV, computer, and video game time during what would typically be considered "school hours". That's where you need to be able to trust your child . . . or have someone at home watching. If they can't have screen time, they are happier to choose one of the activities above.

    I hope reading about my experiences with my own kids gets your own imagination working. Good luck to you! Hopefully, others will come along and share, too.

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    It feels like there's a ton to do and you just don't know where to start. I really hope to hear what others have to share. Thanks Kelly.

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