Family will be re-locating to Minnesota
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    Smile Family will be re-locating to Minnesota

    Hello Everyone!

    I am a home school mom of four ages 16-4. We currently live in Indiana but my husband's employer is relocating us to Minnesota, this summer.

    In Indiana our home school laws only ask that you register with the Dept. of Ed (which many don't because it is not legally required) and that you provide 180 days of instruction. The rest is up to you on what and how you educate your children.
    I looked over the Minn. laws briefly, and saw that there are more stringent rules in place. Since we can to move to the border of Wisc. Minn (my husband will work in Proctor) we have not decided whether to live in Minn or Wisc.
    I see Wisc. has less stringent home school laws.

    We are very unfamiliar with either state because we have lived in IL all our lives.
    IN for 1 1/2 years .

    Any advice on home schooling in either state is greatly appreciated! My children do not want to return to public school. They tried public school in Indiana for one year, and attended IL schools previous, and it was not a good fit for the family.
    Any advice, input, etc. is greatly appreciated!

    Thank you for your input.
    Have a blessed day!


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    Hi, Elaine! You might want to click on the State Groups tab at the top of this page and join the groups from some of the states in which you are interested.

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    Hello Elaine,
    I'm the moderator over on the Minnesota group. I answered your similar post over there....please let me know if you need anything else, and let us know which state you decide on! Best wishes to you with your move!
    Mom to five of the world's most incredible kids, and homeschooling all the way!

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