Feeling a bit overwhelmed..
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    Smile Feeling a bit overwhelmed..

    Hello. I am a mother of 2, I have been homeschooling since last year I started my daughter in preschool, which went well. Now she is doing kindergarten and my son is doing preschool. I have been piecing together lessons for them using the web, workbooks for pre-k and k ive bought from wal mart, but I am feeling like I am not on track, and getting unorganized. I am feeling very overwhelmed. I know no other homeschoolers, I live in a very small rural community with no known homeschooling support, so I found this forum to maybe help me get back on track and get some piece of mind back. Does anyone know if the Time 4 Learning meets the washington state requirements for staying with in state guide lines? Does T4L administer tests that are aceptable for the washington state guide lines? I was thinking if I use T4L or another curriculum like ACE or CLASS with what I am doing then we will keep on track and hopefully be better organized. I like the T4L because its computer based and has print outs to do as well thats nice, there are sooo many different types of curriculum to go with its hard to know which is best and with me trying to change things up now its Jan, I hope we can complete it. Is there a time frame that it would have to be completed? LIke public school goes normally from Sep or Aug to June? Does homeschooling have to go with in that time frame? or can we make our own? Any help will be greatly appreciated.

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    Hi. Welcome to the forum.

    First of al . . . relax! Your children are very young and don't need to be "doing school" for more than a couple of hours a day. Home schooling is much more efficient, time-wise, than traditional educational methods. Your kids don't have to waste time waiting to use shared equipment, waiting for the other students to finish their work, taking attendance, etc. If you try to keep them working at home the number of hours they would be away at school, you will all burn out quickly.

    I would not recommend doing Time4Learning in addition to another curriculum, unless you want to continue to piecemeal and do SOME T4L lessons and SOME of the other curriculum. It sounds as though you desire more structure than that, though.

    Time4Learning's science and social studies aren't complete programs until third grade. You might consider using T4L for language and math (VERY complete there) and another curriculum for science and social studies.

    You can schedule your school year any way you want. There is no imposed schedule.

    You might want to joinyou state group, available in the dropdown menu at the top of this forum, for state-specific questions. Time4Learning's curriculum is aligned to state standards and is used in many schools.

    I hope you stick around this forum for support.

    Mom of six . . . current students and homeschool graduates. Enjoying using Time4Learning since 2006!

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    Hi, you can easily find out the state requirements (I'm from WA too) by going to the website of the Washington State department of education. You can download pdf outlines for each grade. We only do two T4L subjects, which works well for us. I just found out about columbia virtual academy, which is only available to residents of Washington State (it's free). I might consider it for 8th grade for some subjects for my daughter since T4L doesn't go through 8th grade in all subjects. Let me know if you can't find either of these online and I can look up the email addresses for you!

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    Hello proudparents, my name is CeciliaT and, I was in your shoes with the same doubts the first time my belated husband and I first started home schooling our 5 children but, that was 14 years ago. I now have a 23 year old college graduate, 1 college sophomore, 1 college freshman, 1- 7th grader and, 1- 3rd grader.
    Don't try to mimick the public school system exactly because their system is set up to teach hundreds of children, whom are taught the same thing, at the same level. You on the other hand as a home schooling parent have the tremendous opportunity to adjust and readjust your children's educational needs as need and when needed without wasting anytime with educational bureaucracy. As far as I know pre-school is not mandatory in any state and in "some" states like Texas (which is where I live) niether is kindergarten but, you live in Washington state and I advice you to try to get all the information you can about it either through Time4learning or through HSLDA(Home Schooling Legal Defense Association) Homeschool: HSLDA-Home School Legal Defense Association or some other state home schooling group or association in your county or maybe you could look for one in your nearest largest city online. Most of them have a website.

    Don't worry enjoy your time educating your children with love, and it doesn't have to be that rigid, learn to be flexible, and allow yourself to make mistakes. In other words don't be so hard on yourself. Also, don't forget the teachers, find time for parent only time. I don't know if you are a Christian but, if you are, two bended knees bring rivers flowing with wisdom and knowledge.

    Have fun!

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