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    Hi, I am CRB in Ohio, my son is in the 6 grade was diagnosed as ADD. He is Reading at a high 3rd grade level and in Math about high 4th low 5th grade. My question is will this program help him get caught up to his current grade?

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    Hi, and welcome!

    I would be wary of any program that guaranteed they would have your child at grade level in a specific amount of time. There are just too many variables to make those kinds of promises. Time4Learning is standards based and has a history of helping kids make significant gains. Because it's interactive and quite a bit more fun than the typical textbook, it's usually a good fit for children with ADD. You might be interested in this information that specifically concerns using Time4Learning for children with attention deficit disorder.

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    one of the things that made me a return user in this program is that it engages children differently than they get in a standard classroom. i agree with kelly, there are NO guarantees in education - in ANY program. but i will testify that this program gives them confidences they just don't get elsewhere. let him go at a pace that is comfortable to him, and i'm sure he'll do just great and his educational level will catch up to his age level before you even know it!
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    Dear CRB
    I just thought that I would let you know a little about my story and Time4learning, My older son has ADHD and was diagnosed thru the school system with learning disabilities in math and language arts (reading etc) We have been doing time4learning and homschooling for 2 years now and I can tell that he is understanding the concepts better thru the cartoon based lessons than sometimes with me. I often hear him laughing at the jokes they make He is in 7th grade now and is doing the T4L for 6th grade for his Language Arts and finishing up 5th Grade math. (He hates the fractions!) It might take him longer than you think but once he gets it, it clicks for him. I can tell you an added bonus he is happy now and his confidence is going up.
    Hope this helps~
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