Frustrated parent of 7th grader - HELP
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    Default Frustrated parent of 7th grader - HELP

    My son is very gifted especially in math. He is currently taking Algebra in middle school. I am sure he is bored but he is not making an effort to even do the assignments. I am thinking of signing up for Time4Learning over the summer and see how he does and maybe homeschool him next year. I am wondering if they have enough Algebra assignments to last him that long. Also do you have any suggestions on what to do with Social Studies and Science for 8th? Thanks!

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    Default Re: Frustrated parent of 7th grader - HELP

    I ran across a wonderful sight this morning that would make a great course for current events and worldview with upper grade students. If the social studies units offered on T4L are not enough for your son this might help fill the gap for you and him. And it is FREE!!
    Once your son finishes all the math and algebra units you might want to check out ALEKS. They offer a month free trail - you have to watch what sight you go to as some only offer three hours in three days of a free trial. ALEKs offers lessons for third grade up through college level courses. It is about the same cost as T4L, but only offers math related courses.

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    Default Re: Frustrated parent of 7th grader - HELP

    There are 270 online algebra lessons, 226 online quizzes, 226 printable worksheets, and 15 tests. That should be plenty of algebra to last that long.

    One of my children did Time4Learning's algebra this year. The lessons are very, very easy to begin with, but don't let that fool you. They get harder as you go along and end up being quite challenging. The initial "easy" material needs to be presented first to provide something to build on as the course progresses. It's really a pretty good strategy.

    Many older students who have not done Time4Learning before start in fifth or sixth grade science and sixth or seventh grade social studies. The lessons don't get much "harder" at the higher levels. The grade level differences are mainly a matter of content. You might try having him take a couple of the tests at the lower levels to see if he has mastered that material yet. Most eighth graders have not.

    I am especially pleased with Time4Learning's seventh grade social studies, which is a nicely presented overview of American history. My high schooler finished the course this year. I assigned him a little extra reading and a couple of essays to write and it made a nice high school course that way.

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    Default Re: Frustrated parent of 7th grader - HELP

    Time4Learning will definitely help him out. Good luck to your son.
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    Default Re: Frustrated parent of 7th grader - HELP

    For our social studies and science I just go to ebay and look for school textbooks and teach out of them. Works wonderful for us and you can get textbooks in really nice shape most of the time for 10.00 and under counting shipping.
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