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Thread: Grade level placement?

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    Default Grade level placement?

    I have 2 children who are not thriving in the public school system. I have a 9th grader who was in placement using some software for school it may have been this but I have no idea. When she came home and tried to reintegrate back into public school she said there was such a huge gap in what she knew and where they were she had no idea how to catch up. So she wants to homeschool and I don't really know what grade to place her in.

    Also my son has been retained in 1st grade and again this year in 6th. So he is 14 and not wanting to go back to public school as a 6th grader. His reading skills are extremely poor and he used to love math and do really well, but I don't know why but he has started to lose what he had.

    Is there a way to test them to find out where to start?

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    Kristina, there is not placement test. The initial sign-up process asks forparents to fill out a short questionnaire to help determine which level will bean appropriate starting point. Upon placing a child in a certain grade level,Time4Learning also provides a feature that allows students to navigate thegrade level above for enrichment, as well as the level below for review,depending on the grade level. If at any point the work in a given level seemstoo challenging or not challenging enough, you/Time4Learning can easily make adjustments to amore comfortable level for your child.

    Time4Learning is a flexible program withthe ability to adjust starting points and levels. You can also have your children take the tests and quizzes within agrade-level to determine an appropriate starting level. The assessments (quizzesand tests within the lessons) can be used as a guide to measure what conceptsare understood or not understood. The best starting point within a grade levelis where your child begins to have difficulty after taking the quizzes andtests. Most parents find this method useful in placing their children.
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    I signed my child up for 4th grade, but I want her to take some of the 3rd grades quizzes. How do I access those without LA#'s for the Lesson Quiz or Chapter Test? (this is for Math)

    **I found the grade selection button at the top of the lessons I just answered my own question! Thanks anyway!
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