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    My son should be at the 5th grade level, however this past year has been very difficult with illness, job loss and a cross country move. We did not complete all the 4th grade work and I am concerned that he might not be ready for the 5th grade. How do I know? Is there a placement test before signing up?



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    Hi, Meg. Welcome!

    If you register your son at the fifth grade level, he will also have access to all of the fourth grade lessons as well as all of the sixth grade lessons. You can change his grade level as explained here.

    If you decide you want the grade level change to be permanent, you may log in as a parent and request Time4Learning to make the change.

    You can always preview lessons from any grade level by inputting the lesson activity code.

    Here's another thread, started by Time4Learning founder/president John Edelson, regarding placement testing that you might be interested in.

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