Have you used a mobile location system for your child?
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    Default Have you used a mobile location system for your child?

    My name is Ineta and I'm new at this forum. My acctual thema now is following - I have a daughter 7 y.o. and I've installed a mobile tracking system called 'DondeEsta' to my daugther`s mobile phone and I told her that is for her own safety, she agreed on having it.
    What do you think about those kind of systems? In case you have it, did U told your kid that is for his/her own safety, or have you hide it?

    I will appriciate your opinions.

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    We have AT&T Family Map, which I can use to locate my family members. Yes, they know it's on there. We mostly use it to find misplaced phones!

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    Default I wish I could microchip my daughters!

    We have Verizon Wireless family locator & parental controls. I only gave my 10-year-old twin daughters cell phones so I could have the tracking system with them. I don't think they know the tracking thing is keeping tabs on their location...but they really wouldn't care. They're just stoked to have cell phones.

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