hello everyone i am very new to this thinking about having my son home schooled
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    Default hello everyone i am very new to this thinking about having my son home schooled

    hello everyone been really thinking of having my son home schooled. my sons name is logan he is 6 yrs old in k. dont know where to start ,he is a bright kid loves to learn but at the school he goes to ive been having issues with the teachers ,not that they are bad but seem not too have the time to help children that fall behind on school subjects specially when a child doesnt grasp areas that well. son has had problems with speech,writing ,and some other areas . i work with my son every day at home he loves it cant pull him away which i enjoy teaching him,not only that but my son has had a very bad year when it comes to attendence since he has had surgery and has been sick with Pneumonia which took him out of school for over a month plus , the teacher plainly told me that i should just hold him back since he wouldnt catch up with the class and since he was having problems anyways, no help no plan made me feel like my son wasnt getting what he needed help and a good education, my wife is military and i am a homemaker now so i know i have all the time i need to start up. i really want my son to enjoy learning he is very eager to learn loves to do everything i just need help with getting started , sorry for the ongoing writing lots on my mind but if anyone could point me in the right direction would be very thankful .

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    Default Whether to homeschool or not


    We have been homeschooling 10 years and I have to say it's a great adventure! We love the freedom it allows, the opportunity to instill family values daily, and the satisfaction that comes from being in charge of your own learning. It sounds like because of your son's illnesses, he would greatly benefit from homeschooling. Learning cannot fit into an 8 to 2 timeslot, and is not 'one size fits all'. Your child will be able to progress on his personal schedule and follow his interests to a great degree.

    I suggest you take the summer to read up on homeschooling and decide if its something you'd like to do. Take a look at www.a2zhomescool.com . Time4Learning is a popular way to homeschool. It holds the children's interest, is high quality and economical. I've homeschooled for 10 years and am now doing with T4L kindergarten with my last child, a 5 year old and she loves it! I usually sit next to her during her lessons (she might do 2 to 5 jobs depending on length), then we go off-line and read a book based on what she's learning about or watch a video we got from the library about the subject. Then we'll practice her printing and play a game. It's about 3 hours total. For now, it's pretty loose, but I know she's learning a ton of things. This is just an idea, as there is no right or wrong method.

    You should be able to find support groups in your area or nearby to provide association for your son. Many homeschoolers go into Scouts, co-ops, little league type sports or church groups for friends. My kids also take alot of classes through the city parks and rec department and junior college. My oldest daughter (9th grade) will be going to work with her Dad over summer to build work experience. Invaluable, in my opinion. Anyway, if socializing worries you (which is the 1st thing people say when they find out you want to do this), read up about it and you'll find that homeschoolers are not timid little kids or locked away by their parents! There are many opportunities for them to do lots of cool things-you just have to find them!

    Anyway, I know many people will chime in with support so I will close my reply. I sincerely hope you'll be able to homeschool your son. It's quite an experience!

    "I've never let school get in the way of my education."

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    welcome chris

    illness and attendance is a very good reason to choose to homeschool it is very disheartening when a teacher's hands are so tied that they can't help you out of such a serious situation. but, it sounds like you're actually already on the right road, and have been doing a lot of work with him already.

    my advice? play a little with the program over the summer, just an hour a day would do wonders! if you feel that this is something you'd like to continue doing once school is ready to start, then follow your state guidelines to pull him out of school and keep going. if you feel a little overwhelmed and not sure you can keep going, then you've lost no time and he hasn't missed anything else.

    i can tell you that, for us, making the choice to homeschool was definitely not an easy one and we debated it for what seemed like forever. and the first year was difficult, i won't lie. but now? we can't imagine any other way for our children to be educated! it works with them so well!

    please let us know if you have any other questions, we are here to help!
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