First Let Me explain our family.
We live in a small town that happens to have 3 elementary schools and I asked the superintendent if he place my child in another school. My son has a couple of bullies. He has came home with bruised ribs as soon as they healed another child punch in the belly. I have talk to the counselor and she hasn't even talked to my child about anything. My son is in the 5th grade he cries before school and after school. I tried to apply to the Georgia Cyber Academy and the Georgia Connections Academy, and I didn't make the enrollment deadlines. I want to save my child from the bulling can someone tell me the steps to get started in homeschooling? Does this site offer all that I need to get my son educated? What else would I need? Do I have to resign him from his current school and fill out the home school forms? what about the CRCT? How do I find out where they do the end of the year test can someone one just direct me on the way. I need to know as soon as possible.
very worried mother