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    Unhappy Help with High School

    My son went to a private school this past year for 9th grade. I noticed the High School on here does not go by grades, so how do I know what course to start him at? And also how many subjects do you have them do per day? And ideas on how many hours per day for school for High School? Thanks so much. I am so confused by this, especially on what courses to have him do. Like there are 4 courses for English, but 5 for math.

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    Hi, Colleen.
    The high school is set up by courses rather than by grade. The courses you choose for your student is completely up to you. You have the ability to choose the 4 courses you want your student to take.

    The Social Studies portion of the High school curriculum is not grade specific, while the language arts math and science are in a suggested order. Keep in mind the electives courses, Health, Economics/Personal Finance are considered a one semester course, therefore they do not have as much content as the other courses.
    The suggested high school course load is as follows:

    9th Grade: English I, Algebra I, Biology
    10th grade: English II, Geometry, Earth/Space Science
    11th grade: English III, Algebra II, Physical Science
    12th grade: English IV, Pre -Calculus, Chemistry
    Each course is a full year course, except for health and personal finance/economics, which are 6-month courses.

    For more information on the Time4Learning High School curriculum, including electives just follow this link. You'll also find answers to many of your questions.

    I also want to share this wonderful website that will help you learn more about homeschooling high school. They also have a parent (and student) forum. It's LetsHomeschoolHighSchool. That site is filled with great information!

    I would also suggest you take a look at their link to the Homeschooler's Guide to High School Credits.

    I hope that helps.
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