Help me with playground please.
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    Default Help me with playground please.

    Hi, this is our first time using the program. I had no problems with my third grader, but when my fifth grader finished his work there was no way for him to enter the playground. I've looked everywhere to figure out how to get him in there, but I can't find a way. I even tried going to my third graders page and reset the time to 0 minutes for work completed and 15 minutes for playground. It wouldn't work. He was really disappointed that he couldn't play any games. Does anybody know how to get to the playground for his level?

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    This problem should be solved. Previously, the playground was only available to the lower school (under 3rd grade).

    But, in response to parent requests, we added a playground button to the login for the upper school.

    I think this would solve the problem.

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