Help trying to do the best for my son
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    Default Help trying to do the best for my son

    I'm a single mom to a 8 yr old that is in 1st grade. I had a meeting with the school and they want him to change schools because of his reading. They say they don't have the help that he needs. I don't want him to have change schools so I'm trying to find something he can do at home to help him at school so he doesn't have to change schools. I like what I see in here I think It may help I'm just trying to do the best thing for him. Help!!! I was also looking at Hooked on Phonics but I don't know if I like it. I could really use some input

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    You are in a tough spot. However, remember as a parent you do have rights, I would assume your son has an IEP, Individual Education Plan and you can refer to your rights provided by your state. On the other hand it very well may be that the school is referring you to a more appropriate placement for your son. If your sons issue is reading comprehension you may want to look at TTR, its a very engaging program that my really help him. My best advice is look at all options and gather as much information as possible to make the best decision for him. Good luck!

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    It won't hurt to give it a try, the fee is reasonable here and you can always cancel if it doesn't work out. My kids love the program, I'm sure yours will, too. You can always adjust the grade level per subject up or down if he needs more help or more challenge!

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    Hi, Jennytaylor. I can understand how you feel. I was a single mom of an 8-yo once too. It wasn't easy.
    We've been using Time4Learning for several years now. I definitely think T4L will help. This link may help you with some tips on helping your son learn to read. I homeschool my own children but have also helped other children who were struggling with reading. Sometimes children confuse the name of a letter with the sound a letter represents in a word. A book called Reading Reflex really helped me understand this in teaching my daughter with Down syndrome to read. Has your child been tested for Dyslexia? Just a thought. I've met many children who have learned to read when they were 9 or 10 and are now avid readers today. Unfortunately, in schools kids have to follow the timeline by which they're expected you to achieve certain skills, like reading.

    With my own children it's been so important to read with them and to them. I would encourage you to do both at least once a day. If you can't do it because of limited time, then maybe a relative or neighbor could do it. Even another child, maybe a teenager could earn a few dollars a week to read for 20 to 30 minutes with him. It's okay to read books that are below his level or to repeatedly read books that he is comfortable with. This builds confidence. At the same time,though, do introduce new books for buddy reading where he reads every other page or every other sentence, or even a word here and there. Remember to also read TO him. Make it something that he would really like. The Magic Tree House is a popular series among young boys.

    The most important thing is to give him encouragement. Let him know that you know he can do it, that it may be hard at first, but it will get easier with practice. Maybe a reward when he does well, like a mom and son date to eat ice cream would help.
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