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    I am currently homeschooling my 8th grader, it been kind of a struggle this year. She's a visual learner and has an IEP. I saw Time4Learning she saw the math demo which is her weakest subject and like it. So I will be registering her for 9th grade.

    Question: Can I start anytime during the year? and how have other parents of HS children acquired an accredited High School diploma for them? Also any current homeschoolers from Vermont in this forum?

    Thank you!


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    Hi, and welcome to the Time4Learning parent forum!

    We hosted a webinar about beginning homeschool mid-year. It was recorded and is available on YouTube:

    Time4Learning allows anyone to sign up at any time. Each state has its own homeschool laws. Time4Learning is a homeschool curriculum and not an online school. When homeschooling, it is the parent's responsibility to know and follow the homeschool laws in their state, so Time4Learning leaves that up to you and doesn't impose any schedules. Every U.S. state has some way for you to begin mid-year, although it requires more paperwork for a couple of them. Vermont just wants you to wait until you file your written enrollment notice with the commissioner of education and receive an acknowledgment letter from them. Then you can begin immediately or any time within the next 45 days.

    You might want to check out the "homeschooling in Vermont" section of this parent forum to connect with other families in your area!

    My eldest four have graduated from our homeschool high school and gone on to college, so I can share my experience with diplomas. There is no such thing as an "accredited diploma". You might find some hits if you Google that, but that's just because it's a commonly searched term so vendors include it whether it applies to them or not. There are accredited online schools, but that just means that the school has fulfilled the requirements of someone, somewhere. When an organization says it's accredited, it's important to find out WHO accredited it. Simply being accredited doesn't really tell you anything, because you don't know what the organization has to do to be accredited by whomever issued the accreditation.

    When homeschooling, the parent decides what the student must do to graduate from the family's home school. The parent decides how many credits the student needs, and in which subjects. The parent decides how many hours or what activities equal a credit. All fifty states allow a parent to issue a homeschool diploma for their own child. Employers of legally homeschooled students can't discriminate against a homeschool diploma. Colleges are more interested in a student's entrance exam scores than in how they learned what they know. Many colleges actively recruit homeschooled students.

    When homeschooling, the parent creates, signs, and stands behind any documents the student needs, including the diploma and transcript. Time4Learning provides templates for creating your student's diploma within your parent dashboard. Here is an article from a site that I will recommend (Let's Homeschool High School) about homeschool diplomas.

    Many people mistakenly think of or refer to online schools as "homeschooling". That is not legally correct. Time4Learning is not an online school. Time4Learning is for actually homeschooling. When homeschooling, the parent is responsible for following the homeschool laws in the student's state of residence. Online schools themselves are responsible for following the school laws (NOT homeschool laws) in the state where the school is located. Online schools are much more expensive than a homeschool curriculum, because they have to have personnel on staff to create, sign, maintain, and stand behind any of the student's documents, as well as teachers available for the students to consult with. When homeschooling, the parent is the "teacher of record".

    We're happy you're here! Please stick around to share your experiences, and maybe to help out other similar families!

    Mom of six . . . current students and homeschool graduates. Enjoying using Time4Learning since 2006!

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