Hi! I am another mom whos planning home school!!!!
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    Default Hi! I am another mom whos planning home school!!!!

    Hello! My husband and I have planned to give our children, school at home. I'm Hispanic and I'm learning the language, we have two kids aged 4 and 9. how easy it would be for me to work with the little one?

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    Well your English in this post is FANTASTIC! I would think you would do a fine job with both children!

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    English is my second language as well, im still not fluent but im learning each day, our homeschooling is doing very well, and im sure yours will be too.

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    Time4Learning will make educating your children at home easier. Your English seems fine, and you might learn some things regarding grammer and literature along with your children if you do not know it already. English is my primary language, and I continue to learn as I teach my child. It is possible I didn't learn it to begin with, but maybe I just forgot it. Anyway, T4L is a great review for me, too. I'm sure you will do fine, and if you have any questions, feel free to ask them on the forum. We are all here to learn and help each other. Best of luck! If you have not joined the Illinois state group yet be sure to join so that you can get state specific homeschool information.

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    Hi! The best part is that you will learning right along with your children. I find in all the subjects there seems to be some refreshing my memory. So I really can say "today I learned something" even if it is relearning!
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