High Energy 3 Year Old
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    Default High Energy 3 Year Old

    My son is about 3 1/2 right now. He tends to be hyper, wild, and have trouble following directions. However, he is smart and loves engaging activities or games, and I'm hoping he'll see the preschool activities as such. He's been a bit behind socially, since he's an only child so far, and I don't drive so we didn't have a ton of local activities. I recently enrolled him in a few activities at the new Y that opened up near us, so he's getting up to speed in that respect, and we've already seen improvement in a few weeks time.

    Does anyone have experience with this type of situation? My thinking is that I want him to start learning ASAP so that if he has any other setbacks or delays, he won't be behind his grade level. How do I know if this will be a good choice for us? Just try and see how it goes? If it doesn't go well, how long should we keep at it before having to say it isn't for us? I'm starting to worry he'll be behind and the type to be diagnosed with ADD..

    Thanks for any input or advice you guys can give!

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    Your son is 3. Love on him. Play with him. Run around outside with him. Everything is a learning experience with a three-year-old. Surround him with language. Talk to him about the cars driving by. What color are they? Count them. Count the tires. Look for vehicles that have more than 4 tires. Fly around the room like airplanes or birds. See how many ways you can go across the room. Hop on one foot, hop on two feet, skip, spin in circles, do front rolls, crawl, crawl like a crab, etc. Introduce language awareness by chanting nursery rhymes and singing children's songs.

    If you really want some guidance on age appropriate activities, look at Slow and Steady Get Me Ready by June Oberlander. Ignore the rigidity that says to do a certain activity during a certain week, and just look at the activities that are for around your child's age. Letter of the Week Preschool Curriculum is a free pre-school curriculum. Have fun coloring and pasting, but only as long as he is interested. Spend more time allowing him to engage with his world and this especially includes engaging with you. This time passes so quickly. Relax and enjoy it.

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    Hello, kerfufu.

    Welcome to the forums. Your son sounds like an average 3-year-old energetic little boy. He probably keeps you really busy. It's not unusual that he still has trouble following directions. It would be a good idea to start working on that. I think trying the Time4Learning Pre-school program will help him work at and learn to follow directions. I would try it for at least a month or two. Of course, I would want to gauge the amount of time he spends in front of the computer screen, maybe 30 to 45 minutes and take a break before letting him on again. I have a friend who has a very hyper little boy and she uses a large exercise ball for him to sit on instead of a chair. It works very well for him.
    3 years old is still quite young, but it's also an age when they're starting to try to be more independent. They also have a short attention span. So telling him, "Johnny, pick up your shoes you left by the front door and take them to your closet," may be too much for him to remember at once. Try one step at a time, like "Johnny, come to the front door, please," "now pick up your shoes" wait for him to pick them up," "Now take them to your closet." I've also noticed that getting down to eye level to talk to my kids or to explain something is really helpful.

    I also want to suggest you look at Pinterest for some ideas on teaching with hands on projects and activities. You can do a search of preschool learning, preschool homeschool, preschool crafts, preschool science, or just preschool. We love Pinterest and Time4Learning. My daughter giggles through some of the lessons on T4L. The characters are so funny.

    Lastly, I would read, read and read with your son. Stop after every few sentences and ask him questions about what you read. Or ask him what he thinks is going to happen next. Change your voice for the characters in the stories and make it funny. Help make reading and learning fun for him.

    I like Mandy's suggestions, especially the one about using music, nursery rhymes and singing. My daughter loves music and is very motivated by singing. If I want to teach her anything, like her phone number, I make a song of it. The exercises are great too. When my son was younger and he would get antsy or whiny while doing his school work, we'd take a break and do some exercises, like jumping jacks and others Mandy mentioned. Another idea is to rent books on CD/tape from the library, and educational movies.

    I hope these things help.
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