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    Hello every one. How are you doing? I'm fine thank you. Well I have to say, it took a while to find this forum. Well I'm here because I want to home school my 2 boys. They are in the 9th grade. I reside in Chicago. The high school in our district is a no no. very bad school and I am concerned about sending my boys to that school. I don't know how to about home schooling them. So I would like to know if anyone can help me out with this problem of mine. thank you.

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    I would recommend you contact your local school system to ask what is required in your state to homeschool. You can stop by our state groups and ask them questions for your area. I do want to share that time4learning.com curriculum does not go past 8th grade. There are so many curriculum out there to choose from for highschool.

    Good luck in your homeschool journey.

    Brandy - Christian (86), Wife (93), and Mother (boy 99, girl 07,boy 08). Homeschooling since 2003. Come check out our adventures in life and Time4Learning.com at Five in Training For Him.

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