Time4Learning gets *alot* of questions from new homeschoolers and people considering homeschooling.

To better answer these questions, we have put together a little epamphlet for those Starting to Homeschool. If anyone would like a copy, just email Time4Learning and ask for it. (it's free).

We would like some feedback on the document since we are starting a rewrite. For instance:

- what topics should be covered for new homeschoolers that we don't address ?

- anything wrong or poorly addressed in the document?

We created a homeschool glossarysince we found that newbies are often disoriented by the homeschooling lingo. This was so useful (and we've never seen one before) that we put it up on the website....

If you would like to give us any ideas for new terms to help explain, we would appreciate it. Again, just send it along.