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    Default Homeschool question

    For those using T4L as their main homeschooling curriculum, can you please share with me how you use the program? How long do you require your child to work on each subject, how long should the kids be on the computer? This is my first week and I am trying it with three of my children grades K, 1 and 4. If you can share your wisdom, ideas, etc. I would be most grateful!
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    Default homeschool question

    Hi, well I'm new at this too, last week was my first week of using time4learning. What I did was alternate two subjects a day. Lanuguage and social studies one day, and Math and Science the next. I make them work up to the quiz. Well, my 9 year old got on Friday night and did three pages of math all by himself! I have been homeschooling for 6 years, and this was a first! He loves it. I don't know how else to go about doing this when I'm trying to share with my other child. So I just let them do two subjects a day, then if they want after the other is done they can get back on and keep working at their own pace. While one is on the computer the other one has to do his chores, then he can use the rest of his time to read, or work on one of his projects. I hope this helps some.

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    Default I have been using this program and its predecessor for years

    I start them off with a written checklist... (saying do this much each day), after a couple of weeks they get used to the rythm and go for it at their own pace. (I give a schedule after all extended breaks) If you find that your kids goes ahead on thier favorite subjects, you might have to insist that they do a minimum of thier least favorites.

    I make up the schedules by looking at how many units need to done (or I want done) and how much time there is to do them.

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    I would spend some time looking at the lesson plansfor your children.
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    This is my very first day in using this for homeschooling and I couldn't be happier. My son (2-3 grade) just sat at the computer for one hour straight and did lessons. He came running over to me and yelled, "Mom! This is SO much better than when you teach!"

    I haven't gotten around to it yet, but I plan on printing out the scope & Sequence and just dividing it up into sections based on how many weeks we will be schooling during the year. Then I'll know how many lessons to get through each day.

    We will be doing both math & english every day & alternate science & history -- as well as reading a lot, writing penpal letters & stories, and other general stuff.

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